About Us

Welcome to Swepty Digital Limited - Home of the Sweptians!

Founded by Olaoye Samuel Adetayo, Swepty Digital Limited is the parent company of Swepty, an innovative photo and video sharing social network that values the power of the pixel and the beauty of the moment.

Our Story

In 2023, our founder and CEO, Olaoye Samuel Adetayo, envisioned a platform where everyone could share their experiences and perspectives through visual stories. Out of this vision, Swepty was born. Designed to be more than just a social network, Swepty is a vibrant community of creators, explorers, and storytellers who celebrate the diversity and beauty of our world.

Our Mission

Swepty’s mission is to give everyone the power to create and share ideas and information instantly, without barriers. We believe in the transformative power of images and videos, and the ability of such content to forge connections, inspire dialogue, and catalyze change.

Our Platform

Swepty is a dynamic platform that allows users to post 'Sweeps' - unique visual narratives crafted from photos and videos. Each Sweep is an invitation to engage, explore, and connect with a global community of users.

Our Team

Led by Olaoye Samuel Adetayo, our team is comprised of a diverse group of innovators, creators, and technologists dedicated to enhancing the Swepty experience. We are committed to building a platform that embraces creativity, values authenticity, and fosters meaningful connections.

Our Location

Swepty Digital Limited has its headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria, and operates Swepty, the go-to platform for sharing and discovering incredible photos and videos, around the globe.

Contact Us

Feel free to get in touch with us at:

Swepty Digital Limited

Email: [email protected]

Our Journey Continues...

As Swepty continues to grow, we remain dedicated to our mission of building a platform where everyone has the power to share their world through visuals. Join us on this exciting journey!

Swepty Digital Limited: Sharing Your World, One Pixel at a Time.