Life without mistakes?

Permit me to begin by making this very obvious. Throughout my life, I have been responsible for a significant number of errors. There have been times when I have erred in ways that I am not even aware of to this day. Even the ones I am aware of, I am unable to recall particularly specific details about them.

The reality of life is that we will make mistakes. Regrettably, there are some individuals who are certain they will go through their whole lives without making any errors.

That is the first error you’ve made.

The errors I’ve made throughout my life have led me to this point in it. I have gained a lot of knowledge through my errors, but unfortunately, I have not learnt how to avoid making any more errors in the future.

The Gracious Mistress of the Parsonage would be my choice for the person who holds the record for the fewest number of errors committed in their lifetime. The fact that she married me was perhaps the one time in her life that she came close to making a mistake, but it was in no way due to any error on my part. My decision to wed her was the wisest move I’ve ever made in my whole life.

It’s possible that she does make some errors, but she quickly corrects them before anybody else finds out about them. I really wish I could figure out how she does it.

People who really believe they will never make a mistake in their lives are either deceiving themselves or are not actually living.

I can still clearly recall an error that I made quite some time ago. It was in my plans to put a full tank of petrol in my pickup for the week. It was obvious that it was running low. I really shouldn’t have let things go to that point, but I did.

While I was driving to the gas station, the idea occurred to me that there was something I needed to get at Publix, which was on the way. So I pulled over, walked inside, and purchased what I needed before exiting the store, getting into my vehicle, and driving to a petrol station.

I turned the key in the ignition, but the engine did not start when I did so. At that moment, I was at a loss for what to do. I gave it all I had in an effort to get it going, but none of my efforts were successful.

Then, I checked the gasoline tank gauge and saw that it had reached the empty mark, which led me to believe that there was no more gas in the vehicle.

That was a significant error on my part. That error ultimately led to a disastrous conclusion for me.

I took a few seconds to look at my phone while sitting in the vehicle for a few moments. I was aware of what I ought to do, but I had no desire to carry it out. I waited a few minutes and then attempted to start it once again, but I got the same result.

I continued to stare at my mobile phone while sitting still in the van in complete silence. At the moment, I did not have any other choice. I had no choice but to act in the manner that I did.

So, I dialed the number for the kind mistress who resided at the parsonage.

I addressed her as gently as I could, which was above my pay grade, and said, “My darling, would you be able to grab me a can of gasoline and bring it to me?” Right now, you can find me at Publix. “

At first there was nothing, then I heard someone laughing on the other end of the line.

She said, unable to suppress a smile, “Are you telling me that your vehicle is out of gas?”

Naturally, she was aware of the answer to that question; yet, her intention was to tease me with it.

I responded with sarcasm, “No, I simply want to know if you can bring me a can of gasoline to Publix,” and I meant every word of it.

I believe that she was able to pick up on the anger in my voice.

That, without a doubt, was a second error that was piled atop the previous mistake.

She responded with, “Oh, I may be able to make it over there in about three hours.”

Over the phone, I was able to pick up on her giggling. Another error on my part was that I pretended I did not hear her laughing at my jokes.

I put the phone down and sat in my vehicle, thinking that I had three hours to kill until she would arrive with the petrol for the truck.

After a series of four audible sighs, I looked up to see my wife pulling up next to my vehicle in our shared van. When I looked at her through the window, she was smiling wider than I’ve ever seen her grin before.

She exited her vehicle and questioned, “Is this the truck that’s running out of gas?”

At this time, I had used up all of my previous errors, and I simply stoically shook my head in agreement with what was being said.

She pulled a petrol can out of her vehicle and placed it next to my pickup before going back inside. I grabbed it with both hands and poured the contents into the fuel tank of my vehicle.

After I was done, I re-installed the trash can in her vehicle and then secured the door. After that, I just looked at her and said, “Thank you very much for your assistance.”

She laughed and then said, “Do you think it would be a good idea for you to go now and fill up your vehicle with gas?”

I was completely unable to make any more errors at this point, so I informed her, “I’m going right now to fill up this vehicle with as much gas as I can get.”

I knew that as soon as I arrived home, the next stage of my wife’s laughter over my error would begin, so I took my time driving to the gas station and filled up my vehicle with petrol. I did this because I knew that I would experience it.

My greatest lessons have come through the errors I’ve made. However, I won’t be able to benefit from the lessons unless I take responsibility for my mistakes and work to correct them.

I appreciate what David stated, “Who could possibly comprehend his blunders?” I pray that you will purify me from my hidden sins “(Psalm 19:12).

It is one thing to correct the errors that are now in front of you. However, it is an entirely other thing to be freed of your hidden failings. As a result, I’m becoming better at dealing with the errors that I commit on a daily basis without even realizing it.

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