Avoid judging a person based on their disguises

Have you ever had a déjà vu moment? I went to the mall the other week to get some things for the Gracious Mistress of the Parsonage. She shops so much that I sometimes have to assist her.

On one particular occasion, I was going along the mall when I came to a complete halt. Someone who resembled my long-lost aunt Elsie charged at me. I was taken aback since she had the same haircut and was dressed in the same clothing as my aunt Elsie, who died over 20 years ago.

I had a fleeting thought of approaching her and asking whether she was Aunt Elsie. “Yes, and what’s that to you?” I was afraid she would say

That alone would have persuaded me that it was Aunt Elsie.

I simply stood there and watched her pass by, without even glancing her way.

My Aunt Elsie was one of the long-lost relatives in my family. You’d never forget her for long after you met her. She was the kind of person who did things like that.

What you thought of her when you first met her was not who she was in reality.

At first, you mistook her for a lovely older woman. When you first met her, she had a contagious grin. But trust me when I say that initial impressions aren’t always accurate.

Everyone, I’m sure, has an aunt like Aunt Elsie. One thing she has taught me is not to judge others based on their concealment. It’s possible they’re not who you believe they are. Aunt Elsie was the same way.

She was continuously attempting to draw attention to herself.

If you went to a family picnic, you had to keep the whole discussion centered on her. She would stop everyone and offer something about herself that she wanted others to know, no matter what they were saying. It didn’t matter whether she was telling the truth or not; all that mattered was that she was receiving the attention she craved.

She was continually trying to make others believe she was much sicker than she was.

She started coughing and then blowing her nose as soon as she walked into a crowd. That little gesture would draw attention to her, which she desired. It didn’t matter to her whether the attention was positive, negative, or neutral. The attention was all that mattered to her.

She wanted people to assume she had some kind of physical disability, so she walked slowly and with a visible limp. She would sometimes use a cane and struggle along, which typically gained her the attention she desired.

People would open doors for her, smile at her, and offer her a kind welcome while she was suffering like that.

She’d say something like, “Thank you a lot.” I’m in desperate need of all the assistance I can get. “

They’d believe they were performing a nice deed for the day, but all they were doing was exacerbating her narcissism. I must add, she was a fantastic performer who went unnoticed.

She asked if I could take her to the mall to go shopping one day.

When she asked me this, I figured it was my chance to figure out what was wrong with her.

“Oh, I’d be delighted to take you to the mall,” I said.

When we arrived at the mall, I assisted her out of the vehicle and as she hobbled up to the shopping complex’s entrance.

I told her as soon as she walked in, “Aunt Elsie, are you able to look for yourself?” I need to get some things from the opposite end of the mall. “

She gave me one of her sorrowful expressions and added, “Okay, but don’t go on for too long. Today I don’t have much energy.

As we parted ways, I saw she was limping as she always did. So I figured I’d sneak up behind her and follow her.

I was lurking and observing her when I noticed she came to a halt, turned back to check if I was around, and then strutted away like an adolescent. There was no limping at all.

I said to myself, “Aha.” I was correct. She’s been with us for years, and she’s done a fantastic job.

So she understood I wasn’t playing with her. I smiled softly and went to get something.

She was hobbling along with a suitcase when I approached her, and when she saw me, she pleaded, “Could you kindly help me carry my bag?” I can’t carry it because it’s too heavy. “

I answered with a grin, “Oh, Aunt Elsie, I’d be delighted to help you carry that bag.” I’m sure it’s a huge responsibility for you to bear in your current state. “

She smiled and nodded as I took the bag from her, and we walked out to the vehicle, where I drove her home.

I’ve kept this a secret my whole life because I was wearing something and Elsie didn’t realize it.

I remembered a verse in the Bible that inspires me. “Let nothing be done through conflict or vainglory; but let everyone regard others more than themselves in lowliness of spirit” (Philippians 2:3).

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